The Founder & Designer

Costas Domnidis

Costas Domnidis was born in Greece and after a three-year course in jewellery manufacturing & design, moved to Florence for further studies in Jewellery Design and History of Art. Following this in London, he became qualified in Diamond Grading, by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Costas has worked for different fine-jewellery, high-end furniture and luxury accessories brands, both in Athens and London, as an in house or freelance designer as well as project manager and in sales. He participated in a number of design competitions, gaining experience and recognition.
Ganjam (India) | Swarovski (Italy) | Hrisos & Asimi (Greece) | and many others

One common theme throughout his career is his passion and enthusiasm to bring Greece’s heritage in jewellery back into the field. His idea is not to create just great jewellery but contributing to people’s lives through design. Around 2013, his journey began on developing his dream of fine jewellery, influenced by his heritage, his travels and his love for people. His studies in personal development gave him the last piece that was missing in the puzzle his jewellery being the access to something greater for people around the world.

The idea of Noussoma is to use design into favor of human values and life in general. Noussoma is the access to people’s well being and inspiration for us all, to live the lives that we have always dreamed of. Express our admiration, love, power and feelings with the people around us. At the same time, contributing to people’s lives through new ideas and initiatives.

"Be free to Be you"

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