Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Everything you want to know.

  • How could I purchase a piece of jewellery that I like?

    As we have just launched the brand, we will soon update the locations of our partners! Until then and in the case there is no one near you, please email us

  • If there is an issue with the piece of jewel I have bought, whom should I contact?

    Please be in communication with your local retailer, and they will advice you further. For any further information please email us

  • Is there a guarantee?

    We offer a complimentary repairs service up to a year from the point of purchasing. For further information, please contact your local retailer or email us

  • How could I maintain the jewel I recently bought?

    We only use the finest materials and craftsmen in the industry to deliver immaculate results and complement the unique design. Normal polish with a microfiber or lint-free cloth will always remove fingerprints and give back that shiny look to your jewellery. Wear and tear is normal and is not considered a fault, and it is related to the frequency of the use of your jewellery.

  • Will rings wear more than other pieces of jewellery?

    Yes, as they are the ones that they will come more in touch with other surfaces during the day due to usage. They may require more frequent polishing and re plating. All jewellery should be treated and polished properly for a longer lifetime.

  • Should I be careful with the use of perfumes, body creams and hand lotions?

    Contact with sprays, creams or even acidic sweat may alter the physical properties of metalls and create marks, discoloration or fading on the surface of your jewel. Always allow some time before you wear your piece of jewel.

  • Can I cancel an order or return a product after purchasing?

    When purchased through a third party retailer, local T&Cs apply.

  • Size Matters…

    Finding the correct size when ordering a ring is absolutely crucial! Always refer to your local retailer in finding your size by using the appropriate equipment.

  • What should Ι pay attention on with storing my jewellery?

    It’s always best to have your jewellery in separate boxes or in a jewellery case with individual compartments. In such a way you prevent scratches on the surface, chains to get tangled and easy access.