Noussoma combines Greece’s heritage and Olympic values along with today’s need for something beyond high-end quality products.


(translation: "a healthy Mind in a healthy Body")
Original text: "mens sana in corpore sano" (Iuvenalis, Saturae, Liber IV, Satura X, 356)

"Nous igiìs, en Sòmati igiì"

Greek athletes, the Olympic Games and the Olympic movement, were influenced by this quote, in such a way that the Games were about more than just winning. They were about uniting people where no wars were able to take place during that period. Greek athletes were not only working hard on winning the game and building a body that represents the absolute human figure and beauty, but also improve their pedagogy, culture and personal development. Becoming better human beings!

Over 3.000 years of Greek jewellery through different eras and situations, one thing was common; the identity of the carrier and the importance that a jewel represented for the wearer. "Kosmima" ("Jewel" in Greek) derives from the word "Kosmos" (the "World"). The Jewel itself is not just a piece of metal with one stone or more on it, but a whole world... A mini-world of ideas, values, power, meanings and stories.

Noussoma is a platform of values and products, available to fulfill our need to create a better quality of life, for ourselves and people around us. Fine jewellery is the access to express, influence and inspire, whilst at the same time contribute into people’s well being in athletics, training, culture, personal development and education. It is another revolutionary access for people to connect with their deeper inner qualities.

Take care of yourself, respect your body and showcase it’s beauty. And at the same time, develop yourself in a way that leaves you inspired and proud of being a human being, living your life in full, complete & ultimate happiness!

"Be free to Be you"